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Websites designed for Apple and Mac User Groups

We build it. We host it. You Own It.

Your User Group. Your Website.

We Build It

By using WordPress multisite, we can easily create multiple sites with one installation of WordPress. This enabled us to build a community site and now we can clone it for you and your members.

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We Host It

Another advantage of WordPress multisite is the ability to use one hosting account for multiple sites. We are also using Kinsta’s world-class hosting to keep your site secure and safe.

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You Own It

It’s your domain, you own it. With just a simple DNS entry, we can begin hosting your member site. We will also be glad to export the membership site for you at anytime, if you want to host it yourself.

Designed to be simple to use for everyone

Bring Your User Group to Life

Are you looking to engage your members more? Bring more value for your members? We can help. Leave the technical part of website to us. We’ve been doing it for years. We’ll even post free lessons from our sister site Dan’s Tutorials on a regular basis. Don’t worry, you can also post news and events, including news and events that only your members have access to. We can aslo add a forum for classifieds and discussions exclusive to your members. Spend less time managing your website and more time engaging your members.

Made for desktop and mobile

Simple Design. Responsive Design.

We decided to go to the basics with the design. Every page, every post is designed to be easy to read with minimal distractions. Your site will also be responsive, making it easy to read and navigate on any device.

News and Updates
Member News
Event Detail
Select Posts from Dan's Tutorials
Our goal is to help you help your members

Why are we doing this?

I have been helping people with their Apple devices for over a couple decades. This has been through various publishing companies to being an Apple Genius to developing my own tutorials. I’ve also been a guest speaker for numerous user groups through the years. I’ve always found value in these users groups and I’ve been happy to contribute to them in any way I can. As I’ve gotten better at building and maintaining my own membership website, I decided to expand that and see if I could help User Groups with theirs.  So the idea was born. My wife and I will build, host, and help support your User Group Website to help you grow value in your membership.

designed to keep your members engaged

All You'll Need is Right Here


When creating a posts, if you mark it as Members Only, the post will only be available to members when they are logged in. Other posts will be public.


Add your event to the event calendar. Events can be marked public or for members only.


Create discussions for your members in the forum. Members can  create topics and reply to them.

Sponsors & Deals Page

Add sponsors and any special deals to share with your members.

Featured Posts

Looking to share important news? Feature it on your front page.


Members can subscribe to weekly email newsletters, or immediately after a post is added to your site.


Members can subscribe to individual posts so they can get an email anytime a new comment is added.

Free Lessons from Dan's Tutorials

Select lessons and tips from Dan’s Tutorials will automatically be added to your site to help keep your members engaged.

Accessibility Settings

Your site will have various accessibility settings to help your members use the site.

Backed up Daily

Your site will be backed up on a daily basis.

Easy Management

Your site will be designed to be easy to use for both the members and the administrators.

Support included

Basic support is included. Have a question on the site? Just ask. We will do out best to help you out.


Included with your site is an SSL certificate for the entire site making your site secure and safe.


Your site will be built to be responsive, meaning it will be easy to access and navigate on any device including your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Low Cost

Introductory Price - Only $20/month.

Our whole goal is to keep this affordable for you. We believe we can offer hosting, maintenance, security, and support for at an introductory price of $20 a month. For $20 a month, you get a community based website designed for user groups that is maintained, secure, and includes support, leaving you more time to help grow your membership.

Frequently Asked Questions


No! The site is designed to be modular. Don’t want a member directory? We can leave that out. Don’t want a forum? We can leave that out. Don’t want a specific page(s)? We can leave them out. Just let us know.

Yes! We can import a comma-separated file with your members. We will provide a template for you to follow to make it easy.

Yes! We will be more than happy to make the site unique to your group! Just send us the photos along with what page you would like then on, and we will optimize them and place them on the site for you.

Sure! Actually we can take car of that for you. Just tell us what you’d like on the page, and where you’d like to include access (members or everyone), and we will add it.

We can take care of that for you too! Just tell us what you’d like to add or remove, and we will get it done.

Yes! You can add your own articles, tips, sponsors, or share any deals you come across that could help your members. 

Of course! Our goal is to help you help your members, not restrict what you can share with them. We will share tips and lessons from Dan’s Tutorials to your site, but you can always include other tips and lessons too. 

Our goal is to share something once a week. We do not want to dominate your newsfeed so we think once a week is good. If your members want more, they can always subscribe to our other site, Dan’s Tutorials.

Yes! Your members will get a 25% discount on any membership plan that I have on Dan’s Tutorials.

Yes! Your site will have an SSL certificate that is applied on every page.

We are biased, but we think it will look great! The site is responsive, which means it will ‘respond’ differently depending on the device. Differently meaning it will be optimized for any device.

Try it out

Try our Demo User Group Site

We created a demo site if you’d like to check out the site with all the features. Browse around, and sign up if you’d like to see how it wold work for your members. If you do sign up, give us about 24-hours to approve your membership.

Contact Us

Have a question? Interested? Let us know.

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